50% Recycled content (pre-consumer)

Un-flashed quarry product with high pre-consumer recycled content and economical price. Durable flooring for commercial kitchen floors and much more.

Note: Because of the high recycled content, it is to be expected that there will be slight variations in color and texture from run to run. Some slight, random "speckling" may also be apparent.

308 Dura Quarry    
AVAILABLE SIZE - 6" X 6" X 1/2"

Metro Esq

Square Edge Quarry Tile
Specifically designed for use with epoxy grout and 1/4" or smaller grout joints. Other square edge tiles are ground to square. METRO® ESQ is manufactured with a square edge. There is no compromise of the die skin, making METRO® ESQ quarry tile less susceptible to chipping.

• Designed specifically to be used with epoxy grout. For jobs that specify epoxy.
• All of the benefits of Metropolitan Quarry are now available in a square edge tile.
• METRO® ESQ can be set with a 1/4" or smaller grout joint. Perfect for setting with 1/4" tile racks.
• Manufactured with a square edge not ground to square.
• Designed for flush grout joints for a smooth transition from tile to tile.

*Please see the Tile Council of America handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation for specifics on installations using epoxy grout.

310 Mayflower Red 105 Buckskin 507 Puritan Gray
AVAILABLE SIZE - 6" X 6" X 1/2"